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Wrona History Menu

History extension for Webkit-based browsers.


Chrome Store

Edge Add-ons

Opera Store - Opera stopped reviewing extensions, please, install the Chrome version instead.


If you have any problems with this extension, please create an issue or e-mail me at


Run the following (requires Node.JS 16+/npm 8+):

npm install
npm run watch

In Chrome/Opera/Edge (or anything chromium-based), go to chrome://extensions and click "Load unpacked extension" after enabling developer mode.

The extension will show up in the build directory.

Building & Testing

# One-off build
npm run build
# Run the tests
npm test


GNU General Public License Version 3, see LICENSE for details.


Łukasz A.J. Wrona - Code, maintenance, English, Polish and Japanese translations

sorborfor - Russian translation

yumibagge - Japanese translation

Sijera - Serbian translation

Siegfriedmk - Italian Translation