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Source for the old Ringce website
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content Added product specific get satsisfaction feedback tab. Awesome.
layout Fixed RSS
media Slammer 0.4Beta release
.gitignore Slammer 0.4Beta release
.gitmodules Added git submodules for jquery ui plugins
LICENSE license and readme added
README.markdown Almost ready to deploy
ringce-badge.png Integrated Disqus and Get Satisfaction
ringce-google.png Slammer 0.4Beta release
twitter-back.png Integrated Disqus and Get Satisfaction



This repository contains the source for the Ringce website. I have open sourced this as a reference implementation for the hyde generator. I don't intend to do collaborative development of the website, so please do not fork this repository :) If you want to make changes as a demonstration of hyde hacks, please fork the hyde repository and modify the default template or create your own template.

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