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Aloha Editor
Aloha Editor is meant to be an free and open source for all now and in future.
We encourage continuous, selfsustainable development supported by both the open source
community and commercial stakeholders. This way both parties (community and commercial users)
profit from each other by code and financial ressources for core developement.
Therefore we adopted a dual licensing approach for Aloha Editor.
Opensource Software License
The Open Source version of Aloha Editor is released under the terms of AGPLv3 License.
Commercial Software License
The commercial version of Aloha Editor allows to use, modify, copy and distrubute without
any restrictions as stated in the commerical license agreement.
Translation License
All contributions to translations of dictionary entries apply to the Creative Commons
Attribution License V3.0 BY. By contributing transaltions you agree to the license terms.