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package stackongo
import (
type Params map[string]string
// Add adds a new parameter given by the key and value
func (p Params) Add(key string, value interface{}) {
p[key] = fmt.Sprintf("%v", value)
// Set change the value of the given param
func (p Params) Set(key string, value interface{}) {
p.Add(key, value)
// Del deletes the given parameter
func (p Params) Del(key string) {
p[key] = "", false
// Page sets the page parameter
func (p Params) Page(page int) {
p.Add("page", page)
// Pagesize sets the number of results for a page
func (p Params) Pagesize(num int) {
p.Add("pagesize", num)
// Fromdate sets fromdate parameter from the given *Time reference
func (p Params) Fromdate(date *time.Time) {
p.Add("fromdate", date.Seconds())
// Todate sets todate parameter from the given *Time reference
func (p Params) Todate(date *time.Time) {
p.Add("todate", date.Seconds())
// Sort sets the field to sort results
func (p Params) Sort(field string) {
p.Add("sort", field)
// Order sets order to sort results
func (p Params) Order(order string) {
p.Add("order", order)
// Min sets the minimum value the field can take
func (p Params) Min(num int) {
p.Add("min", num)
// Max sets the maximum value the field can take
func (p Params) Max(num int) {
p.Add("max", num)
// AddVectorized adds a new parameter
// using the given key and vectorized value (eg. tagged=ruby;java;go)
func (p Params) AddVectorized(key string, values []string) {
p[key] = strings.Join(values, ";")
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