Collection of configurations I use to for my distraction free editing environment in Vim
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Gvim compatibility

Distraction Free Writing for Vim

  • Copy plugin/DistractionFree.vim to ~/.vim/plugin

  • Copy syntax/mkd.vim to ~/.vim/syntax

  • Copy ftdetect/mkd.vim to ~/.vim/ftdetect

  • Copy colors/iawriter.vim to ~/.vim/colors

  • In .vimrc, specify the colorschemes and fonts to use in fullscreen mode and normal mode.

    g:fullscreen_colorscheme - colorscheme to use in fullscreen mode 
    g:fullscreen_font font to use in fullscreen mode 
    g:normal_colorscheme - colorscheme to use in normal mode 
    g:normal_font - font to use in normal mode

example (macvim):

    let g:fullscreen_colorscheme = "iawriter"
    let g:fullscreen_font = "Cousine:h14"
    let g:normal_colorscheme = "codeschool"
    let g:normal_font="Inconsolata:h14"

or, for gvim:

  let g:fullscreen_colorscheme = "iawriter"
  let g:fullscreen_font ="Cousine 12"
  let g:normal_colorscheme= g:colors_name
  let g:normal_font=&guifont

Under linux, you must manually activate fullscreen mode (ie ALT+F11)