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This is a fork of orginial Bort ( with some changes.
Changes are:
* Git Submodules are used to keep Rails and other plugins updated.
* Included Rails 2.2.0 with tha app
* Added annotate-models and make_resourceful plugins
* Added Action Mailer initializer and SMTP settings for production mode
* Uses admin email specified in settings.yml in exception notifier
* Replaced rSpec story runner with new Cucumber Scenario Framework (webrat and cucumber plguins are included)
* Replaced Prototype js with jQuery
* Replaced asset_packager with bundle_fu for bundling assets
* Changed Stylesheets by adding an initial stylesheet, application stylesheet and Hartija CSS print stylesheet
* Download and unzip Bort (or do a git clone from git://
* cd extended-bort
* run
git submodule init
git submodule update
* Edit the database.yml and the settings.yml files
* Rake db:migrate
* change the session key in config/environment.rb and REST_AUTH_SITE_KEY in environments config (you can generate keys using rake:secret)
* Have a brew and celebrate
Bort put together by people at "Fudge": Extended-Bort was done by Lakshan Perera ( based on Original Bort.
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