A boilerplate to create personal blogs based on Punch
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Punch Blog

A boilerplate to create personal blogs based on Punch.


  • Preview posts, as you write them.

  • Easily publish to Amazon S3.

  • Pretty URLs for permalinks (no .html, configurable).

  • Responsive, customizable theme based on HTML5Boilerplate & 320andup framework.

  • Load fonts from multiple sources with WebFonts Loader.

  • Easily configure Google Analytics, Tweet button & Disqus comments.

  • Highlighting the current page link.

  • Post archives by tags.

  • Post archives by year, month or date.

  • Write posts using GitHub flavored Markdown.

  • Client-side code highlighting with Prism.js

  • Published/draft states.

  • Automatically minifies and bundles JavaScript/CSS.

  • RSS feed

  • Sitemap.xml

Also, you can use any other features available in Punch.

  • Manage other pages with Punch's default content handler.

  • Extend the behavior by writing your own helpers.

How to use

You can get started quickly with Nitrous.IO. Hack on Nitrous.IO

  • Download & extract the code.

  • Inside the project's root directory, run npm install.

  • Set the details of the blog in contents/shared.json.

  • Open config.json and change the settings as you prefer.

  • Then go inside posts directory and edit the file 1970-01-01-lets-start.markdown.

  • Once you have created your first post, to preview it run punch s and point the browser to http://localhost:9009.

  • When you are happy with the outcome, publish your blog by running punch p.


Copyright (c) 2012 Lakshan Perera Licensed under the MIT license.