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Follow this flow to fix bugs, implement new features for Punch:

  1. Fork Punch on GitHub:

  2. Clone the forked repository:

    git clone && cd punch

  3. Install the development version of the package, along with the dependencies.

    npm link
  4. Verify existing tests pass:

    npm test

  5. Read the Code Style Guide.

  6. Create a topic branch:

    git checkout -b feature

  7. Make your changes. (It helps a lot if you write tests first.)

  8. Verify that tests still pass:

    npm spec

  9. Run JSHint to make sure you're code didn't introduce any inconsistencies:

    jshint lib/*
  10. Push the changes to your fork:

    git push -u YOUR_USER feature

  11. Send a pull request describing your changes.

  12. If possible, check whether the Punch Guide is still up to date, after merging your changes.

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