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Wrong encoding for files with extension ≠ .html (xml, json, txt…) #62

naholyr opened this Issue · 2 comments

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I was trying to generate a "/rss.xml" based on a content handler : articles are taken from the punch-blog-content-handler but given the extension is .xml and not .html, then cache store will write it using binary encoding.

That's not what I want because in case of text file it will break encoding (I end with my UTF8 strings getting written as latin-1).

I fixed it with a generator hook, but it should probably be a core options. We may let user provide a list of paths or extensions that should be written using utf8 encoding instead of binary. Or if this is possible (I'm not sure you can distinguish them, but who knows) never use binary for generated files (from content handler) versus physically copied files.


Note: here's the why
S lection_018


And here's the third-party fix:

@laktek laktek closed this in a14174b
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