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Rendering differences between the "generate" or the "server" mode #64

mojoaxel opened this Issue · 7 comments

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I just started using punch and have problems rendering my pages, so i created a minimal punch project to demonstrate my problems:

When using "punch g" or "punch g --blank" after deleting the "output" directory, the index page is not rendered properly. The header and footer templates are not getting rendered.

When using the "punch s" mode after deleting the output directory the header and footer templates get rendered but not the markdown content inside.
I cannot get everything to be rendered at the same time.

I use punch version 0.5.12
Fast help would be appreciated!


I will try to recreate this issue and apply a fix over the weekend


@mojoaxel > I tried to recreate the your issue. But it seems to work fine for me. Both punch g and punch s rendered the partials and markdown content.

In which OS you're using Punch? Also what's the version of Node you use? If you're using an older version of Node, please try upgrading to version 0.8 or higher and give another try.


@laktek Thanks for looking into it!

I just updated node from v0.8.11 to v0.8.18 and punch to 0.5.14 on Windows 7 (x64).
The problem seems only to appear on Windows. I tested the same example on Mac (with the same version of punch and node) and everything works fine there.


Yes we have issues in non-unix environments, because the filesystem-related functions are using e.g. "cp" which is not available in Win. I would suggest to use fs.extra ( to handle the "mv" "cp" "rm" and others.


@aries1980 Thanks for the suggestion. Will be doing some experiments in this weekend on improving the Windows support.


@aries1980 @mojoaxel We've recently worked on to improve windows support. Can you try installing the latest version and report if there are any issues?

Closing this one for now.

@laktek laktek closed this

@laktek The problem seames to be fixed in 0.5.29
Everything works fine now...Thank you very much for fixing this!

( is going to be deleted soon...)

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