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Conflict when a templates subdirectory has same name as a top level rendered page. #66

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Punch version 0.5.14

Given a project with a templates/_layout.mustache file and a contents/test.json file, when using the punch server, visiting localhost:9009/test.html renders correctly.

Now, from the project root:

mkdir templates/test
echo "this is the static content under test/index.html" > templates/test/index.html

Visit: localhost:9009/test.html and we should see the test.json data templated via the _layout.mustache file as before, however, we see:

"this is the static content under test/index.html"

We should only see that content if we visit: localhost:9009/test/index.html or localhost:9009/test/

This appears to be a problem during generation as well, but in a slightly different way. Only the "test/index.html" file is generated, the "test.html" is not generated.


Webservers such as Apache, NGINX, etc. serve this use case without difficulty and I am currently dealing with a legacy site structure that uses naming conventions like these.

I'm actually curious as to why this is a design feature of punch, these two paths are quite different:


Why should they not be allowed to be generated and serve different content?

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