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Realie - A Realtime Collaborative Code Editor

Aim of this project is to build a pastie/gist sort of an online code sharing utility, with realtime collaboration (similar to Etherpad). I started this project as part of my individual research project in the University.
 You can find my notes related to this project from here -

If you like to test out the app you will need to install the following:

1) Chrome Browser (version 5+) - This is because web sockets are still only supported in Chrome. But Firefox and other latest browsers would soon catch up!
2) Redis 2.0 (still in Release Candidate stage) -
3) Node.js - 0.1.96+ (

Follow the standard installations of above programs as mentioned in there documentation.

Once you have setup those, 
* Clone this repository -

* In app's source path and run:
  `git submodule init`
  `git submodule update`

* Then change the path to "vendor/express" and run:
  `git submodule init`
  `git submodule update`

* Change the path back to head.

* Now start the redis server (normally running, `etc/redis/redis-server`)

* Then again inside the app's source path run :
  `node app.js`

* Open another console tab with the same path and run:
  `node socket.js` 

* Finally, open Chrome and visit:

** NB: Web Sockets will use the port 8080 to communicate, so you will need to open that port.

Contact me via GitHub if you have issues, suggestions or need any help regarding this app.