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markdown project static generator & compositor, with feature to configure different stylesheet and extent syntax.
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MarkdownProjectCompositor is a static markdown generator with compositor, using CommonMark, or cmark-gfm as its rendering engine.




  • composite markdown source with different header, footer or style sheet in different project dir
  • with pre process body step, the compositor can extend your own markdown syntax

Basic Example

$ lua MarkdownProjectCompositor.lua example/basic/config.lua example/basic

Feature Example

extend markdown syntax, '^' is newline:

  • '^#title' <h1> title and html <head><title>
  • link anchor '^#anchor'
  • proj markdown file link as '[desc](proj#file#anchor)'
  • footnote with paired '[desc](#name)'
  • contents with '^#contents depth'
$ lua MarkdownProjectCompositor.lua example/feature/config.lua example/feature

Live Example

with config.lua

Markdown Editor

recommand, try it online

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