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Title: Database

The AcoustID database includes user-submitted audio fingerprints, their mapping to MusicBrainz IDs and some supporting tables. It follows the structure of the PostgreSQL database used by the AcoustID server. Each table is exported in a separate file with the tab-separated text format used by the COPY command. At the moment, there are no tools for importing the database dump, it has to be done manually.

The main database is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, with the exception of the MusicBrainz-AcoustID mapping which is placed into the public domain.

Monthly database dumps can be downloaded here.

All files are signed using GnuPG. In order to verify the signatures you have to first import the public key:

$ curl | gpg --import -

Once you have the public key imported, you can verify the signature:

$ gpg --verify acoustid-core-dump.tar.bz2.asc
gpg: Signature made Sun Nov 20 10:17:24 2011 UTC using RSA key ID B8ED25DD
gpg: Good signature from "AcoustID Downloads <>"
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