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Play the game here:

NOTE: The game is currently running on port 8082 on my server so if you are behind a firewall it might not work for you


WizardWarz is a ThreeJS WebGL/Javascript multiplayer shoot-em-up game. It has unique generated maps with a NodeJS backend where maps are generated and it also supports multiplayer.

This is a project that I've abandoned and just like to share with others as an example

The game implements the following (and more):

  • Generation of smooth landscape "Islands"
  • Very basic multiplayer support
  • nodejs server with game logic and map generation
  • No actual limit of number of players, but it has only been tested with about 10 players.
  • Model loading
  • Animated models (exported from blender)
  • Modified particle engine
  • Both 3rd and 1st person view during gameplay
  • Scoreboard
  • Player toplist
  • User account creation
  • Levels + different character clothing depending on level.
  • magic-spells!!!


Install nodejs and run "cd server; nodejs server.js". Then point your browser to http://localhost:8080


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