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Songpress is a free, easy to use song typeset program for Windows and Linux, that generates high-quality songbooks.

Songpress is focused on song formatting. Once your song is ready, you can paste it into your favorite Windows program, to give your songbook the look you like the most.


go to the src folder and use



  • Produce high-quality guitar scores (text and chords)
  • Easy to learn, quick to use
  • You can paste formatted songs into any Windows application, to layout your songbook with maximum flexibility (Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, Microsoft Publisher, Inkscape etc.)
  • Export formatted songs to PNG and HTML (web pages and snippets)
  • Chord transposition with automatic key detection
  • Chord simplification for beginner guitarists: determine the easiest key to play your song, and transpose it automatically
  • Support several chord notations: American (C, D, E), Italian (Do, Re, Mi), French, German and Portuguese; notation conversion
  • Support Chordpro and Tab (i.e. two-line) chord formats
  • Clean up dirty songs with spurious blank lines (such as songs copied and pasted from web pages) and not homogeneous chord notations

Learn more at

Notes for wxpython Installation on Ubuntu / Linux Mint

On Ubuntu / Mint, if pip fails to install wxpython in standard way, use

pip3 install -U -f wxPython