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🦁 Chain is now on Product Hunt! Come show some love! ♥️

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  • Chain multiple layers
  • Create chains between multiple properties
  • Transform color properties to create more complex chains
  • Chains are stored in the document so you can update them anytime


Creating Chains

  1. Select the layers you want to chain
  2. Run the command New Chain from the menu or use [shift cmd c]
  3. Select your desired options and click OK

Applying property transformations

When selecting a new chain, you can apply different transformations to the color property you're chaining (hue/saturation/brightness/alpha). Just specify a percentage to offset the property (i.e If you apply a transformation of -10 on the brightness you will get a color 10% darker.

Updating Chains

To update the Chains in your document, just modify your reference layer and select Update all Chains or use [shift cmd u].

Removing chains

To remove Chains, select two chained layers and select Remove All Chains Between Selected Layers, that will erase the chains from the document.

What's Next

  • Better Chain management (for creating, editing and deleting them)
  • Improved UI to make it easier to implement Chain in yor workflow

If you have an idea for a new feature, create a new Issue or send me a message on Twitter.


  • Created with lots of ♥️ by Lalo

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