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Re:search is a website that lets you enter your research interests (such as "robotics", "mechanical engineering", or "systems biology") and find professors who are researching similar things.

To use Re:search, enter a research interest, department, university, or professor's name into the search bar. Re:search will display professors who match your query. Click on a professor to see their full profile, including a research summary, awards, and publications. If you register for the site, you can bookmark professors and save searches to view later.

See it in action at

Tech Stack

Professor data was scraped from university websites. We're in the process of updating our data and scraping tools.


We'd love help with:

  • Building new features. Take a look at the current issues to see things we know are missing.
  • Scrape data. We load data in a pretty straightforward JSON format. Ping us personally if you want more info.
  • File an issue. If it's broken or something you want to see, let us know!

Build & Run

Re:search requires a locally running mysql. Install mysql onto your local system for running gradsearch. Use the Scala build tool (sbt) to run Re:search locally.

$ cd gradsearch
$ ./   (enter password)
$ brew install nodejs # or however you install node
$ npm install -g browserify
$ npm install -g watchify
$ ./sbt
> container:start
> browse

If browse doesn't launch your browser, manually open http://localhost:8080/ in your browser.