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Creatix-CSS provides you with an easy to use CSS framework for responsive websites and web apps.

Creatix-CSS is basically a responsive layout concept. This means that a website based on Creatix-CSS will fit into any screen size. The way the website's elements are displayed will depend on the device choosen by the user. On the other side Creatix-CSS introduces a theming concept which allows you to design your web site according to your own ideas. Creatix-CSS follows the concept of separation of function and design. Therefore, you can use Creatix-CSS for a functional design, without being influenced in your design. This differs Creatix-CSS from many other css frameworks.

Creatix-CSS consists of different layers:

  • creatix-basic.css provides you with responsive behavior.
  • creatix-layout.css gives you some basic layout and styling (headers, paragraphs, forms, colors...).
  • creatix-forms adds baisc design rules form forms and web applications.

Recently added:

  • a WordPress Theme based on Creatix-CSS.

In addition to these technical layers you can add one of the themes provided by Creatix-CSS. Themes provide quite specific style to shape the look of your web project. You are also free to create your own indiviudal theme.

Whatever your choice is: it is always you who decides how much of the framework you want to use in your project.

Creatix-CSS was inspired by Bootstrap and GroundworkCSS. We love and admire both of them. However, in our daily work as web and app developers we found them too bulky and hard to combine with other frameworks like p. ex JQery UI. This is why we decided to break the features into different style sheets and simplify the entire concept. You can find a demo site here: Demo. Documentation is provided in the Wiki Pages

We invite you to contribute to this project. If you have created your own theme based on Creatix-CSS and you like to share it with others just post it here as an new issue.

Creatix-CSS is licensed under a Creative Commons Share Alike 4.0 International license.

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