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Hexo Front Matter Excerpt

A Hexo plugin to allow writing post excerpts using YAML front matter.

In Hexo, post excerpts are usually specified by adding the <!-- more --> tag to your post content. For example:

title: "Example Post"
This is my post excerpt
<!-- more -->
Man, I really love writing posts on my nifty blog!

By using the Hexo Front Matter Excerpt plugin, you can specify a post's excerpt in its front matter.

title: "Example Post"
excerpt: "This is my post excerpt"
Man, I really love writing posts on my nifty blog!

Now, "This is my post excerpt" will be available by calling .excerpt on this post.

This plugin will override the excerpt created by using Hexo's built in <!-- more --> tag.

This plugin supports definition of post.excerpt using <!-- more --> and using YAML front matter. If an excerpt is specified using the <!-- more --> tag, it will override an excerpt specified using YAML front matter if there is one. If niether are defined, post.excerpt will be undefined.


npm install --save hexo-front-matter-excerpt or yarn add hexo-front-matter-excerpt


Just install as described above! No configuration needed.

Development & Contributing

  1. Add your feature to index.js
  2. Write a test for your feature in /spec/index_spec.js
  3. Run your test with node_modules/.bin/jasmine from the command line
  4. Submit a pull request


A plugin for the Hexo static site generator to add support for post excerpts in yaml front matter.



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