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  1. Java SDK 11
  2. Maven


  1. Java 11

Run from distribution

From JAR file

Download the latest Homedash-version.jar from the release page.

First time you run the application, you'll need to generate a config file.

java -jar Homedash-{version}.jar -create-config

This will create a config file that you can modify in your current working directory.

You can then run

java -Dconfig.file=./ -jar Homedash-{version}.jar

From docker

You can run homedash using docker.

docker run -t --name homedash \
        -v "/etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro" \
        -v "/your/path/to/save/data:/data" \
        -e "SALT=somerandomstring" \
        -p "4567:4567" \

Environment Variables:

Variable Description Required
SALT A random string used for authentication and other hashes YES
UID if you want to run the container under a different user id. Runs as root (0) by default no
GID The group id to run the container under. Runs as root (0) by default no
JAVA_OPTS configure the JVM no
SECURE "true" or "false" (default) to enable HTTPS no
KEY_STORE if SECURE="true" you need to specified the path of your keystore (jks) file within the container after you mounted it no
KEY_STORE_PASS the password to your key store file no
DEBUG Set to "true" to allow connection to the JMX to get visual vm debugging, if enabled you need to add the port map the port 4570 of the container as well. no
CONFIG You can define all the plugins and boards using this variable. It is a JSON format. You can generate this JSON from an existing instance of homedash at the url http://yourhomedashinstall:port/export-config no

Note that running Homedash in docker will have reduced feature when it comes to system monitoring due to the nature of docker containers.

How to build

mvn clean  install

The compiled application will be under web/target/Homedash-{version}.jar

Run from source with Maven

mvn -pl web exec:java

Develop plugin

If you're interested to develop a plugin, check