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SpendSpentSpent (SSS) is an easy to use self hosted expense tracker. The goal of this application is to make creating new expense as easy and as quick as possible. The application features are split into 3 pages

Demo instance

Spend (center page)

  • Add expense categories
  • Add expenses with option to enable location
  • Add recurring expense

Spent (right page)

  • Selected month day by day expenses details and location if enabled
  • Delete expenses

Spent (left page)

  • Monthly and yearly graphs to compare overall expenses and categories expenses by month or year.



This is the easiest way to run SSS

docker run -t -v "/path/to/your/save-folder:/config" \
	-v "/etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro" \
	-e "SALT=somerandomstring" \
	-p "9001:9001" \

The SALT environment variable is required especially if you want to use password protection to the application. Once set, do not change it while running against the same config folder.

With docker compose:

  container_name: sss
  image: gonzague/spendspentspent
  restart: unless-stopped
   - "9001:9001"
   - ./SpendSpentSpent/config:/config
   - /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro
   SALT: somerandomstring

From the jar file

You will need to have Java 9 to be installed on your machine to be able to run SSS

    java -Dsalt=somerandomstring -Dhttp.port=9001 -Ddb.url=/path/to/save/file  -jar /app/SpendSpentSpent.jar



docker pull gonzague/spendspentspent

and restart your container

Jar File

Download the lastest JAR file from the release page and run it the same way.

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