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Sherdog Parser

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Sherdog Parser is Java library to parse through Sherdog and have get all the info about MMA you need.


Java 8

If you're using openjdk 11, there's a bug with SSL certificates and you'll need to add


to the arguments of your application, example:

java -Dhttps.protocols=TLSv1,TLSv1.1,TLSv1.2 -jar myjar.jar


<!-- -->


Java Documentation


First created a Sherdog object.

Sherdog parser = new Sherdog.Builder().build();

To get all the events of an organization

Organization ufc = parser.getOrganization(Organizations.UFC);

Some organizations are already preset under the enum Organizations or you can just put the URL of the organization from Sherdog website

In the parser, everything works with the URL of the item in Sherdog.

To get the detail of an Event. As before, you can use the event URLs you get from the organization or directly using Sherdog URL

Event ufc1 = parser.getEvent(ufc.getEvents().get(0).getSherdogUrl());

An event will hold a list of fights

Fight firstFight = ufc1.getFights().get(0);

You can get more details about a fighter with his Sherdog url.

Fighter fighter = parser.getFighter(firstFight.getFighter1().getSherdogUrl());

By default the fighter picture value will be set to the sherdog picture URL. If you wish to do something else with it you can set a picture processor to your parser. Example on how to download the picture to a temp file and set it as the fighter picture value.

The processor takes two parameters, the url (String) and the fighter (Fighter)

Sherdog parser = new Sherdog.Builder().withPictureProcessor((url, fighter) -> {
            final Path tempFile = Files.createTempFile(fighter.getName(), "");
            FileUtils.copyURLToFile(new URL(url), tempFile.toFile());

            return tempFile.toAbsolutePath().toString();


You can also trigger searches using Sherdog parser to search amount fighters and events

SearchResults jon ="jon")

You can then get the results as simplified:

List<SherdogBaseObject> fighters = jon.getFighters();
List<SherdogBaseObject> events = jon.getEvents();

Or the full data (this can be very slow as it will fetch every data from each fighter/event page)

List<Fighter> hydratedFighters = jon.getFightersWithCompleteData();
List<Event> hydratedEvents = jon.getEventsWithCompleteData();

You can trigger the search next result page by doing:

SearchResults nextPage = jon.nextPage();


If for some reason you want to get the content of sherdog web pages on your own you can still parse the HTML document by simply using the FromHtml methods


Organization ufc = parser.getOrganizationFromHtml("The html code of an organisation page");


About parser to get MMA data available in Java




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