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Unifi throughput

Unifi throughput is a small piece of software to monitor the throughput of a Unifi controller in a terminal


  • libncurses 5 needs to be installed


Just download the correct archive from the release page, extract it and run

./unifi-throughput -create-config

to generate the default configuration file in ~/.config/unifi-throughput and edit the newly created config




./unifi-throughput -config=path_of_config_file.toml


  -config string
    	External configuration file location (default "~/.config/unifi-throughput/config.toml")
    	Create the default config file ~/.config/unifi-throughput/config.toml THIS WILL OVERWRITE YOUR CURRENT CONFIG AT THE DEFAULT LOCATION
    	Show version

You can also press any key to switch from circle to bar display mode

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