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Follow the instructions on our knowledgebase for upgrading.

Pairing with lamassu-server v7.3.2 or higher required.

Release notes

See our Medium announcement summarising the changes in this release.


  • New machine UI, including screens supporting new compliance features and flows
  • Add customisable operator contact info on error screens
  • Configurable crypto-address blacklists
  • Customer photo capture
  • Add transaction notifications via SMS and email
  • More descriptive SMS alerts, including originating machine
  • BitGo wallet module for BTC (SegWit), ZEC, BCH, DASH, LTC
  • Paginate Terms & Conditions screen for more text
  • Add itBit exchange and ticker
  • Add Mailgun for email notifications
  • Log miner fees in transactions log
  • Log ticker rate at time of transaction
  • Log unsuccessful trade attempts in the db
  • Devices table now records last online time for individual machines
  • Machine now scans BTC bech32 addresses
  • Machine now scans LTC multisig and bech32 addresses
  • Add screen alerting when an invalid coin address is attempted to be scanned
  • Uses Ethereum mnemonic itself for the wallet seed, rather than a raw seed
  • Add lamassu-users and lamassu-revoke for removing admin access sessions
  • Inform users of when they can return if they've hit a hard limit
  • New translations
  • New user screens to clarify between SMS, ID Card Data, and ID Card Photo prompts
  • Initial paper wallet and receipt support (BTC-only currently)


  • Resolve validator communication error on ssuboards that led to periodic 'maintenance required' screens
  • Resolve duplicate 'goodbye' screen which could interrupt a subsequent transaction
  • Stop erroneous 'machine stuck' warnings when machine is on home screen
  • Ensure exchange trades are placed on 1-confirmation cash-out transactions
  • Ensure ssuboard-based machine logs upload to operator admin
  • Restrict lamassu-machine log files to prevent high disk usage
  • Log F53 dispenser errors
  • Enable F53 dispense batching for greater than 20 notes
  • Autodetect dispenser type during machine upgrade process, don't default to Puloon
  • Prevent crash when trying to disable validator before it's fully initialised
  • Patch for Colorado ID barcode scanning
  • Don't show Wi-Fi selection screens on machines not supporting it
  • Reduce database CPU usage on the server
  • Add debug to see when machine logs halt uploading to servers
  • Improve transaction errors related to database table constraints
  • Various migration improvements
  • Disallow usage of mock ticker and mock wallet in admin's production mode
  • Keep server log from being polluted by CloudFlare and HTML error dumps
  • Reduce API requests so as not to trigger CloudFlare errors
  • No longer error out if quickly cancelling address scanning screen
  • ID Card Photo scanning stability on ssuboards
  • Various small fixes
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