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  • v7.4.6
  • 08d1efe
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  • v7.4.6
  • 08d1efe
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@naconner naconner released this Dec 10, 2019 · 8 commits to master since this release


Please read our instructions for updating to Defiant Dingirma.

Read our announcement highlighting features in Defiant Dingirma v7.4.

Release notes



  • Stability: Properly handle errors in ssuboard process manager and browser, avoiding freezes (#451)
  • Compliance: Fix resolution of customer camera on Sintra and Sintra Fortes (#430)
  • Services: Ensure Coin ATM Radar receives machines' individual commissions instead of global ones, fix formatting (lamassu/lamassu-server#301 & lamassu/lamassu-server#333 & lamassu/lamassu-server#334)
  • Cash-in: Prevent 'duplicate nonce' error after two ETH transactions made in quick succession (lamassu/lamassu-server#295)
  • Cash-in: Fix erroneous 'pending' status of successfully sent ETH TXs (lamassu/lamassu-server#331)
  • Cash-in: Force a wallet ballance update prior to allowing a new transaction (#365)
  • Cash-out: Improve F53 dispenser reliability when handling invalid bills (#361)
  • Cash-out: If a dispense errors, relay count of successfully dispensed notes, and reduce available notes (#353)
  • Cash-out: Reinitialse bill dispenser upon error to release last note and attempt clearing of error (#353)
  • Cash-out: Interpret and relay F53 error codes (#353)
  • Cash-out: Improve cash-out dispense batching, ensuring more accurate logging (#436)
  • Logs: Stabilise machine log uploads to server, prevent server errors upon unexpected characters in logs (#395)
  • Logs: Properly mark cash-out transactions with an 'expired' in the admin, prevent erroneous 'expired' messages (lamassu/lamassu-server#296)
  • Admin: Assume '+' on Twilio credential fields if absent (lamassu/lamassu-server#291)
  • Admin: Assume 'https://' on Infura endpoint if absent (lamassu/lamassu-server#292)
  • Admin: If text is missing from the Terms & Conditions box, don't error out lamassu-server (lamassu/lamassu-server#293)
  • Admin: Remove unimplemented 'Cross reference' option from Compliance panel (lamassu/lamassu-server#298)
  • UI: Remove 'bitcoincash:' prefix from displayed address on machine UI (#354)
  • UI: Fixes for screen element rendering (#356 & #359 & #360)
  • UI: Improve screen responsiveness to touch events (#352)
  • UI: Fix text strings whose translations were not being rendered (#435)


  • Maintenance: Update server node.js version (lamassu/lamassu-server#297)
  • Cash-out: Add new F56 dispenser currencies (#364 & #432)
  • UI: Increase machine button size where possible (#362)
  • Hardware: Add MSM validator support for Gaias (#325)
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