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Lambda Linux guest ISO image for VirtualBox
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Lambda Linux VirtualBox Flavor

Lambda Linux VirtualBox flavor is a Linux guest ISO image for VirtualBox hypervisor. It is designed to provide a stable, secure and high performance local container host. It runs completely from RAM. Lambda Linux is based on Alpine Linux user space and a customized minimal kernel from Yocto Project.


Container Host

  • LTS Kernel v4.14.15
  • VirtualBox Guest Additions v5.1.30
  • Docker v17.09.1-ce
  • Overlay2 storage driver with ext4 as backing filesystem
  • Container and data persistence on /var/lib/lambda-machine-local


Installation should be performed via Lambda Machine Local. The ISO image can also be downloaded here.

How to use

Lambda Linux VirtualBox flavor is used via Lambda Machine Local which leverages VirtualBox's VBoxManage to initialize, start, stop and delete the VM right from the command line.

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