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# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-
# Build customizations
# Change this file instead of sconstruct or manifest files, whenever possible.
# Full getext (please don't change)
_ = lambda x : x
# Add-on information variables
addon_info = {
# for previously unpublished addons, please follow the community guidelines at:
# add-on Name, internal for nvda
"addon_name" : "lambda",
# Add-on summary, usually the user visible name of the addon.
# Translators: Summary for this add-on to be shown on installation and add-on information.
"addon_summary" : _("Lambda math editor addon"),
# Add-on description: can span multiple lines with """ syntax """
# Translators: Long description to be shown for this add-on on add-on information from add-ons manager
"addon_description" : _("This addon provides access to the Lambda math editor with both braille and speech support."),
# version
"addon_version" : "1.2.2",
# Author(s)
"addon_author" : "Alberto Zanella, Ivan Novegil",
# URL for the add-on documentation support
"addon_url" : "",
# Documentation file name
"addon_docFileName" : "readme.html",
import os.path
# Define the python files that are the sources of your add-on.
# You can use glob expressions here, they will be expanded.
pythonSources = [
os.path.join("addon","appModules","lambda", "*.py"),
os.path.join("addon", "*.py"),
# Files that contain strings for translation. Usually your python sources
i18nSources = pythonSources + [""]
# Files that will be ignored when building the nvda-addon file
# Paths are relative to the addon directory, not to the root directory of your addon sources.
excludedFiles = []