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LambdaCube 3D

purely functional language for programming the GPU

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  1. Previous version of LambdaCube 3D as Embedded Domain Specific Language in Haskell. Check the latest system:

    Haskell 191 14

  2. LambdaCube 3D is a Haskell-like purely functional language for GPU. Try it out:

    Haskell 81 10

  3. Quake 3 map viewer in Haskell using LambdaCube 3D

    Haskell 66 11

  4. OpenGL 3.3 Core Profile backend for LambdaCube 3D

    Haskell 20 7

  5. LambaCube 3D workshop at LambdaConf 2017

    Haskell 10 2


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