Docker scripts to create lambdacube development environment
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Scripts to create lambdacube development environment as a Docker image.

The created docker image serves two purposes, the first is to help newcomers to start as early as possible, the second is to speed up the travis build.

Development with docker

The lambdacube development environment is packed as a docker image to facilitate the first steps of a new developer as everything related to the project is packed in this repo/image.

Usage with docker:

  1. Install docker on your machine See more...
  2. docker pull lambdacube3d/lambdacube3d See more...
  3. Git clone lambdacube-compiler See more...
  4. Git clone lambdacube-ir See more...
  5. ./ /path/to/lambdacube-compiler /path/to/lambdacube-ir The docker image has two optional volumes one is to the compiler and the other is to the ir, which is mainly a technical thing. This command will open a bash terminal on the docker image. You can use the installed ghc toolset to build and test the lambdacube compiler.
  6. Go to /root/source/lambdacube-compiler/src in the docker terminal
  7. Hack on the desired functionality outside the docker terminal.
  8. Run the test suite within the docker terminal like ./
  9. When you are done create a pull request

Howto bump lambdacube-compiler + lambdacube-ir submodules in this repo

  1. git pull in this repo
  2. git submodule update
  3. (cd lambdacube-compiler; git pull)
  4. git commit
  5. git push

Development without docker

It is not mandatory to use the docker image to develop lambdacube3d-compiler. In that case, the user has to install GHC and all related machinery to compile the lambdacube3d compiler. The regular GHC and Cabal installation process is enough to install the lambdacube-compiler and lambdacube-ir