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(ns lambdaisland.glogi.console
(:require [lambdaisland.glogi :as glogi]
[goog.object :as gobj]
[goog.debug.LogBuffer :as LogBuffer]
[goog.debug.Console :as Console]))
(defn log-method [{:keys [value] :as level}]
(condp #(>= %2 %1) value
(glogi/level-value :severe) "error"
(glogi/level-value :warning) "warn"
(glogi/level-value :info) "info"
(glogi/level-value :config) "log"
(defn devtools-installed? []
(and (exists? js/devtools.core.installed_QMARK_)
(defn format [{:keys [logger-name message exception]}]
[(str "[" logger-name "]")
(if (devtools-installed?)
(pr-str message))])
(defonce console-log
(fn [{:keys [logger-name level exception] :as record}]
(let [method-name (log-method level)
method (or (gobj/get js/console method-name)
(apply method (format record))
(when exception
(method (str "[" logger-name "]") (str exception) "\n" (.-stack exception))))))
(defn install! []
;; Disable goog.debug.Console if it's been enabled (e.g. by Figwheel), we do
;; console logging now
(when-let [instance Console/instance]
(.setCapturing instance false))
;; hax0r! goog.debug.Logger normally calls String on the log message, but it
;; doesn't do this if a LogBuffer is active. This causes a single LogRecord
;; instance to constantly be reused, which is fine though since we convert it
;; to an immutable value in add-handler.
(when-not (LogBuffer/isBufferingEnabled)
(set! LogBuffer/CAPACITY 2))
(glogi/add-handler-once console-log))
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