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Improve support for behaviours #5

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Add macros for other policy types and notification frequencies OR (better) provide a generic macro that can handle all possible policy types and notification frequencies


Quick update: I started working on this last night and don't think it'll be possible to have a generic solution due to the different method names and argument lists in each of the different policies. I've thought about generating functions at load time, using reflection to look this up (see clj-ansi, for example), but that's pretty fancy and it's probably easier (albeit tedious) to just write the functions manually and leave fancy tricks like that to a later release. wdyt?


Oh and another approach I thought of would be to push the variability between policies into a data structure, and then have an fn-generating fn simply run off the data structure. That's somewhere between the two above options (hand-roll vs generate-via-reflection).


I fixed this a few weeks back.

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