Demo app for running Django on Google App Engine aka Django-nonrel
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Google App Engine doesn't support SQL but GQL. That's why when you want to create Django app on Google App Engine, you have to rewrite models for Google App Engine. Even if it is really simple application.

Django-nonrel is a branch version of Django which support NoSQL database system. Using this branch, you can create an model used NoSQL database system with nearly same format of SQL database system.

In this article, I'll show you how to use Django-nonrel on Google App Engine.


Nonrelblog is a demo application of using Django-nonrel on Google App Engine. It is a simple blogging system. Permission feature of the demo application is currently commented out.

Required packages

The packages below is required to run Demo application.

How to install Demo app

First you have to install Google App Engine SDK for Python on your computer. Follow the instruction of official Google App Engine page.

Second open Terminal and execute commands below on your working directory.


git clone git://
cd django-nonrelblog
./utils/ install
./src/nonrelblog/ syncdb
./src/nonrelblog/ runserver

Finally, you can see simpleblog application on http://localhost:8080/