A HTML viewer built for vim. Useful to see output of Pandoc or Markdown
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Version: 0.1.5rc4

shareboard.vim is a HTML preview software for vim inspired by mkdpreview-vim.

shareboard.vim screenshot

Quick Usage

See Packages to install in Arch Linux.

  1. Install Pandoc with

    Windows & Mac OS X There is a package installer at pandoc's download page

    Linux Try your package manager such as apt-get, yum or rpm

    See http://johnmacfarlane.net/pandoc/installing.html for more detail

  2. Install Shareboard with

    Windows Use easy_install to install Shareboard. See http://packages.python.org/distribute/easy_install.html for more detail

    $ easy_install shareboard

    Mac OS X & Linux Use pip or easy_install to install Shareboard. You may need to use sudo.

    $ pip install shareboard

    After that, you have to install Qt and PySide to enable shareboard viewer

  3. Confirm Pandoc and Shareboard are correctly installed with command below

    $ pandoc --help $ shareboard --help

  4. Create helloworld.md and write some Markdown, type <Leader>v to show Shareboard viewer



shareboard.vim use Shareboard to display the preview, so you have to install it with the commands below

$ pip install shareboard

And also, you have to install Qt and PySide to enable shareboard builtin HTML viewer.

After you install Shareboard, you can install shareboard.vim with vim-pathogen , vundle or simply copy the files into your .vim directory

And also, if you want to use shareboard.vim with Markdown, reStructuredText, or Textile file, you need to install Pandoc to convert these types of files into HTML file.

If you want to use different programs to convert files such as Markdown.pl, you can change g:shareboard_command variable.


In default, shareboard.vim activate two key mappings in following file type

  • Html
  • Markdown
  • reStructuredText
  • Textile

The key mappings activated are

<Leader>v Show the preview window. After you show the preview window, the preview will automatically be updated when you save the file with :w command

<Leader>c Compile the data with command specified in g:shareboard_command



g:shareboard_path Specify the path of Shareboard. Default is shareboard

g:shareboard_host Specify the host name of Shareboard server. Default is localhost

g:shareboard_port Specify the port number of Shareboard server. Default is 8081

g:shareboard_command Specify the compile command. Default is pandoc -Ss --webtex -t html

g:shareboard_compile_ext Specify the ext name of compiled file. Default is .html


ShareboardStart Start Shareboard server with specified settings. It also execute

ShareboardUpdate Update Shareboard with the current buffer. The Shareboard must be exected before.

ShareboardPreview Call ShareboardStart and ShareboardUpdate

ShareboardCompile Compile current buffer with specified settings.

Key mappings

<Leader>v Show the preview window. After you show the preview window, the preview will automatically be updated when you save the file with :w command

<Leader>c Compile the data with command specified in g:shareboard_command

Advanced usage

Custom arguments

Pandoc can use custom arguments such as custom CSS or Bibliography. In shareboard.vim, you can simply apply these custom argument with g:shareboard_command like

let g:shareboard_command = printf('pandoc -sS --toc --webtex -c "%s" --bibliography="%s"',
    \ expand("~/.vim/shareboard/main.css"),
    \ expand("~/.vim/shareboard/library.bib"))

See http://johnmacfarlane.net/pandoc/demos.html to find available arguments.

Replace text before Pandoc

shareboard.vim use a command specified with g:shareboard_command so you can simply apply Shell script to this variable to modify the text before passing it to the Pandoc like

let g:shareboard_command = expand("~/.vim/shareboard/command.sh")

# ~/.vim/shareboard/command.sh
#!/usr/bin/env bash

TEXT=`cat /dev/stdin`

# Replace [0-9] u[mMgl] -> [0-9] &mu;[mMgl] (e.g. 10 ul -> 10 &mu;l)
TEXT=`echo "$TEXT" | sed 's/\([0-9]\) u\([mMgl]\)/\1 \&mu;\2/g'

# Replace &celsius; -> &deg;C
TEXT=`echo "$TEXT" | sed 's/\&celsius;/\&deg;C/g'

# See the link below to all replacement I daily use.
# https://github.com/lambdalisue/dotfiles/blob/master/vim/shareboard/command.sh

# Convert with Pandoc
TEXT=`echo "$TEXT" | pandoc -sS --toc --webtex -c "$CSS" --bibliography="$BIB" 2>/dev/null`

# return
echo "$TEXT"

With this command.sh, shareboard.vim will preview the text below to the screenshot below.

A sample advanced usage

To transfect a DNA into *E. coli*, you need to follow the steps below.

1.  Thaw 50 ul of TSS cells in 0.5 ml tube on ice
2.  Add 1-10 ul of DNA, pipette gently to mix
3.  Incubate the cell for 30 min on ice and set 0.5 ml tube incubator at 42 C while waiting
4.  Incubate the cell for 30-60 sec at 42 C and immediately put on ice for 2 min
5.  Transfer all TSS cells to 1-2 ml of SOC at RT
6.  Incubate the cells at 37 C for 1 hour on shaker
7.  Spread 100-300 ul of cells onto a appropriate antibiotic plate. Grow overnight at 37 C

Note that the custom CSS is applied, all units are replaced with appropriate character and all C replaced with degree Celsius.

shareboard.vim screenshot


Currently packages of shareboard.vim and Shareboard are available in only Arch Linux