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@@ -33,7 +33,6 @@ If you understand that and still want to contribute, please follow the coding ru
- Exception: names of autocmd should be camel case (e.g. `GitaStatusModifiedPre`)
- Any files in `autoload/vital` should not be modified
- Contribute to [vim-jp/vital.vim]( directly
-- Gita commands should not be used, use actions or call `gita#process#execute` directly
Then PR to `develop` branch which stands for preparing a next release.
@@ -2,8 +2,9 @@
<p><img align="center" src="res/vim-gita.256x256.png" alt="gita"></p>
-[![Travis CI](]( [![AppVeyor](]( ![Version 0.1.0 &beta;](β-yellow.svg?style=flat-square) ![Support Vim 7.4 or above]( [![MIT License](](LICENSE) [![Doc](](doc/gita.txt) [![Powered by vital.vim](](
+[![Travis CI](]( [![AppVeyor](]( ![Version 0.1.0]( ![Support Vim 7.4 or above]( [![MIT License](](LICENSE) [![Doc](](doc/gita.txt) [![Powered by vital.vim](](
+**Note: vim-gita is in &beta; release. There might be critical bugs.**
*gita* is a git manipulation plugin which allow users to perform daily git operation within Vim's live session.

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