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Markdown static blog generator made with Python, used at

This is a new rewrite of lambblog, which previously was dynamic using PHP, so there are still features missing and lots of things I haven't tested.

I cannot really recommend anyone but me using it at this point :)


  • Valid RSS Feed
  • Stats page with some silly metrics
  • Mirrors full quality images and also creates lower quality versions for faster loading
  • Looks good on mobile
  • Support for link posts


This is made for my own blog, but if you wanna use it, you can:

  • Place this script in a new folder
  • In the folder called posts goes your Markdown formatted text files/blog posts
    • See examples in the repo, the first 3 lines are important
  • In the folder called pages goes your about.html and misc.html pages
    • If you want more pages, you can add more but you have to modify the generateHeader() def to include them (ideally this will be done automatically eventually)
    • The very first line of these HTML files must be the title of the page. These pages will be wrapped in the css-class article.
    • See examples in the repo.
  • Next to the script, create a folder called includes, in here goes stuff you want in the root of your site, such as CSS files, favicons
  • pip3 install python-dateutil python-slugify markdown2 Pillow bs4 requests feedgen pyrss2gen tweepy feedparser
  • Then run the script: python --root-url
    • This will output the resulting files to ./_output/
    • You can output to another folder using --root-folder /folder/folder2/folder3/
  • The script will confirm that you want to continue with a simple Continue? y/N prompt
  • Copy the resulting files to your site's root folder


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