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Bitsy Logo

Bitsy is a small, fast, embeddable, durable in-memory graph database that is compatible with Tinkerpop3.

The project Wiki is the official source of documentation. The original version of the database compatible with Tinkerpop2 is available at

Git branching strategy

Tags are named release-[version]. Versions start with 3.0. For e.g., release-3.0

A note on branch names:

  • master: Unstable snapshot of the software on the last-released major version
  • dev-[major-version]-branch: Contains newer major versions that are not ready for release. For e.g., dev-3.5-branch
  • release-[major-version].x-branch: Contains older major versions which are supported. For e.g., release-3.0-branch

Building it

Use latest Apache Maven to build this project. Requires at least version 3.5.0.

For quick build (runs no tests nor any other plugin like javadoc)

mvn clean install -Dtest=void

For UT-only build (will run UTs too)

mvn clean install

For full build (will run UTs and ITs)

mvn clean install -Dit