simple environment variable based configuration for clojure apps
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simple environment variable based configuration for clojure apps.

config attributes are defined in a map, along with defaults and post-processor functions.

  • attribute values are read from corresponding environment variables
  • default values can be specified which are used if there is no environment variable
  • value post-processors can be specified with a keyword, and transform the value
  • post-processor functions can be passed directly and are passed the config map and the value and can therefore produce config attributes which depend on the value of other config attributes


add the dependency to your project.clj

[clonfig "0.1.0"]

define any environment variables you want before running a clojure process

ENVIRONMENT=production lein repl

the read-config function produces a simple map of config attributes

(use 'clonfig.core)

(def config-defaults {:environment "development"
                      :port ["8080" :int]
                      :database-url ["postgresql://localhost/"
                                     (fn [config val] (str val @(:environment config)))]})

(def config (read-config config-defaults))

(:environment config)  ;; "production"
(:port config)         ;; 8080
(:database-url config) ;; "postgresql://localhost/production"


Copyright (C) 2011 mccraigmccraig

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.