Syncpoint client library for iOS and Mac OS, including TouchDB and CouchCocoa
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Syncpoint iOS Client

This driver includes building TouchDB and CouchCocoa to make and all in one sync engine that connects with Couchbase Syncpoint to do higher level APIs like sharing and channels.

In your ~/code directory:

git clone --recursive git://
cd Syncpoint-iOS
open Syncpoint.xcworkspace

And XCode will come up and you'll be staring at some Objective-C.

Setup the client with your Syncpoint URL

Please direct your attention to the Syncpoint/Demo-iOS/DemoAppDelegate.m, where we setup SyncpointClient with our remote URL, and then ask it for a CouchCocoa CouchDatabase using the databaseForChannelNamed call.

Here is the code with error handling.

// needs a comment
NSLog(@"Setting up Syncpoint...");
NSURL* remoteURL = [NSURL URLWithString: kServerURLString];
NSError* error;
self.syncpoint = [[SyncpointClient alloc] 
                   initWithRemoteServer: remoteURL
                                  appId: kSyncpointAppId
                                  error: &error];
if (error) {
    [self showAlert: @"Syncpoint failed to start." 
              error: error fatal: YES];
    return YES;
self.database = [syncpoint databaseForChannelNamed: @"grocery-sync" 
                                             error: &error];
if (!self.database) {
    NSLog(@"error <%@>", error);
    [self showAlert: @"Couldn't create local channel." 
              error: error fatal: YES];
    return YES;
database.tracksChanges = YES;
NSLog(@"...using CouchDatabase at <%@>", self.database.URL);
// Tell the RootViewController:
RootViewController* root =
[root useDatabase: database];

That is the code that instantiates Syncpoint. The code that triggers paring with the cloud is in /Syncpoint/Demo-iOS/ConfigViewController.m

So that's how you tie your app to a Syncpoint instance in the cloud. With decent error handling, even.


You might be wondering how you do data stuff with Syncpoint. This is really more of a CouchCocoa question.

Here is an example of how we save a document (we use the (onCompletion handler to asynchronously respond to query)):

// create the new document properties
NSDictionary* docData = [NSDictionary dictionaryWithObjectsAndKeys:
                          [NSNumber numberWithBool:NO], @"check"
                                                  text, @"text",
// save the document
CouchDocument* doc = [database untitledDocument];
RESTOperation *op = [doc putProperties: docData];
// asynchronous handler
[op onCompletion: ^{
    if (op.error) {
      NSLog(@"REST error %@", op.dump);
    // do your thing
    [self savedDocument: doc];
[op start];


We are active on the mailing list here:!forum/mobile-couchbase

License is Apache 2.0.