Micro blog service powered by Go - lambrospetrou.com will be using this!
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Micro blog service powered by Go - blog.lambrospetrou.com will be based on this!

I will use Go templates for the generation of the web pages.

Directory structure

The blog articles will be in the _posts directory.

Blog Article

Each post article will have its own directory/folder and inside that folder reside all images, files, markdown code and html for the article.

For example, assuming a blog post with URL firendly name how-to-make-a-blog we have the following folder structure:

Folder name: how-to-make-a-blog And inside that folder we have:

  • data/
  • how-to-make-a-blog.md

Site generation

In order to generate the website we run the site generator which reads from the published folder all the articles and based on the html templates located in the directory _layouts creates the static website and puts everything in the directory _site.

The post.html is used to render single posts and the index.html is used to render the index page for the articles.

_sites directory

The generated output directory has the following structure.


  • articles/:article-url/:post-data:
  • s/ contains static files to be imported
    • css/ the css files
    • libs/ any javascript libraries
  • index.html the home index of the website (contains all the blog articles titles and dates, links to CV and bio/work)


Configuration and user-custom variables will be added in a later version of the site generator.