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Bustle draws sequence diagrams of D-Bus activity, showing signal
emissions, method calls and their corresponding returns, with timestamps
for each individual event and the duration of each method call. This can
help you check for unwanted D-Bus traffic, and pinpoint why your
D-Bus-based application isn't performing as well as you like. It also
provides statistics like signal frequencies and average method call
Using Bustle
Run it:
Now click **File → New…** to start recording session bus traffic. When you're
done, click **Stop**, and explore the log.
If you want to record traffic without running the UI (maybe on an embedded
platform which doesn't have Gtk+), you can use the stand-alone logger:
bustle-pcap logfile.bustle
You can then open `logfile.bustle` in Bustle. You can also get some ASCII-art
version of the statistics shown in the UI:
bustle --count logfile.bustle
bustle --time logfile.bustle
If you want to log all system bus traffic, you need to edit
/etc/dbus/system.conf to enable eavesdropping, and then remove the include of
/etc/dbus-1/system.conf.d which seems to re-enable strictness. Then you can run
the stand-alone logger against the system bus:
bustle-pcap --system system-log.bustle
Please remember to **undo these changes** when you're done.
More information
See <>.