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.TH DJANGO-LINT 1 "Jan 11, 2009"
django-lint - static analyser for Django projects and applications
\fBdjango-lint \fR\fI[options]\fR \fr\fItarget\fR
Django Lint is a tool that statically analyses projects and applications
that use the Django web development framework.
It checks and reports on common programming errors and bad code smells
including nullable "CharField" fields, the use of brittle Django features
such as "auto_now_add" and unspecified recommended options in,
such as an empty 'ADMINS' setting (plus many more).
The \fBtarget\fR argument is mandatory and can specify either a directory
containing a Django project, a single application or a single file.
Django Lint and this manual page were written by Chris Lamb <>.
This manual page is (C) 2008 by Chris Lamb and is licensed under the terms of
the GPLv3 or higher.