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Release 2.0b1 (May 29, 2013)
This is a beta release.
* Added support for Django 1.5 and Python 3.X
* Updated docs: the library supports python 2.5+ and Django 1.4+. Dropped
support for older versions
* Revamped admin interface for MP and NS trees, supporting drag&drop to reorder
nodes. Work on this patch was sponsored by the
`Oregon Center for Applied Science`_, inspired by `FeinCMS`_ developed by
`Jesús del Carpio`_ with tests from `Fernando Gutierrez`_. Thanks ORCAS!
* Updated to use distribute/setuptools instead of distutils
* Now using pytest for testing
* Small optimization to ns_tree.is_root
* Moved treebeard.tests to it's own directory (instead of
* Added the test runner
* Added tox support
* Fixed drag&drop bug in the admin
* Fixed a bug when moving MP_Nodes
* Using .pk instead of .id when accessing nodes.
* Removed the Benchmark (tbbench) and example (tbexample) apps.
* Fixed url parts join issues in the admin.
* Fixed: Now installing the static resources
* Fixed ManyToMany form field save handling
* In the admin, the node is now saved when moving so it can trigger handlers
and/or signals.
* Improved translation files, including javascript.
* Renamed Node.get_database_engine() to Node.get_database_vendor(). As the name
implies, it returns the database vendor instead of the engine used. Treebeard
will get the value from Django, but you can subclass the method if needed.
Release 1.61 (Jul 24, 2010)
* Added admin i18n. Included translations: es, ru
* Fixed a bug when trying to introspect the database engine used in Django 1.2+
while using new style db settings (DATABASES). Added
Node.get_database_engine to deal with this.
Release 1.60 (Apr 18, 2010)
* Added get_annotated_list
* Complete revamp of the documentation. It's now divided in sections for easier
reading, and the package includes .rst files instead of the html build.
* Added raw id fields support in the admin
* Fixed to make it work in 2.4 again
* The correct ordering in NS/MP trees is now enforced in the queryset.
* Cleaned up code, removed some unnecessary statements.
* Tests refactoring, to make it easier to spot the model being tested.
* Fixed support of trees using proxied models. It was broken due to a bug in
* Fixed a bug in add_child when adding nodes to a non-leaf in sorted MP.
* There are now 648 unit tests. Test coverage is 96%
* This will be the last version compatible with Django 1.0. There will be a
a 1.6.X branch maintained for urgent bug fixes, but the main development will
focus on recent Django versions.
Release 1.52 (Dec 18, 2009)
* Really fixed the installation of templates.
Release 1.51 (Dec 16, 2009)
* Forgot to include treebeard/tempates/\*.html in
Release 1.5 (Dec 15, 2009)
New features added
* Forms
- Added MoveNodeForm
* Django Admin
- Added TreeAdmin
* MP_Node
- Added 2 new checks in MP_Node.find_problems():
4. a list of ids of nodes with the wrong depth value for
their path
5. a list of ids nodes that report a wrong number of children
- Added a new (safer and faster but less comprehensive) MP_Node.fix_tree()
* Documentation
- Added warnings in the documentation when subclassing MP_Node or NS_Node
and adding a new Meta.
- HTML documentation is now included in the package.
- CHANGES file and section in the docs.
* Other changes:
- script to build documentation
- updated
Bugs fixed
* Added table quoting to all the sql queries that bypass the ORM.
Solves bug in postgres when the table isn't created by syncdb.
* Removing unused method NS_Node._find_next_node
* Fixed MP_Node.get_tree to include the given parent when given a leaf node
Release 1.1 (Nov 20, 2008)
Bugs fixed
* Added
Release 1.0 (Nov 19, 2008)
* First public release.
.. _Oregon Center for Applied Science:
.. _FeinCMS:
.. _Jesús del Carpio:
.. _Fernando Gutierrez: