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Debian packaging for swi-prolog

		    SWI-Prolog Distribution Directory

** Last update: Jan 27, 2011 (Version 5.11.14)

			Jan Wielemaker

	HCS (Formery SWI)		Web and Media
	University of Amsterdam		VU University Amsterdam
	Kruislaan 419			De Boelelaan 1081a
	1098 VA  Amsterdam		1081 HV Amsterdam
			The Netherlands

A list of contributors can be found at


Please find the up-to-date information on  SWI-Prolog at the link below.
You will find the latest sources (also   accessible through GIT), a FAQ,
mailinglist archive, various additional packages, etc.


Documentation is available  on-line  using   the  help/1  and  apropos/1
commands. HTML and PDF versions of  the   manual  are available from the
SWI-Prolog download page. The add-on  packages   are  documented  in the
doc/packages directory of the installed system.  Many people opt for the
online manual at the address below.  This manual includes autocompletion
to simplify searching:

If you cannot reach the internet you   can  install the website locally.
The website source is in the git plweb.git:

	% git clone git://

The web-server software is SWI-Prolog itself  (this requires many of the
default packages installed). After downloading do:

	% cd plweb
	% swipl -s
	?- server.

This starts the server at its default port: 3040.
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