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BGP Looking Glass loosely modeled on REST APIs as described by draft-mst-lgapi.
This implementation slightly deviates from that suggested in the draft by adding per VRF table lookups.


$ beagle -h
usage: beagle [-h] [FILE]

positional arguments:
  FILE        configuration filename (default: beagle.conf)

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit


Unless asked otherwise beagle looks for a YAML file named beagle.conf.
Although the actual configuration file is serialized in YAML, its content is validated with the JSON Schema validation method.

Current schema at this URL:


Interoperability with the vendors is provided by pluggable hardwares.
Those privided out of the box are listed in the table below.

Vendor Driver
Cisco IOS beagle.drivers.ios
Cisco IOSXR beagle.drivers.iosxr

Anyway it is extremely simple to write your own driver.
Just take a look at beagle.drivers.BeagleDriver class to get an idea.