Capturing BGA Quoridor replays in a format we can input into the Quoridor freeboard
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Made a GitHub repo so it will be easier to share. Here is the idea:

  1. Start on the player history page for Quoridor games (ex. WickedBad's page!gamestats?player=32231182&opponent_id=0&game_id=43&finished=1)
  2. Access the first game.
  3. Choose 'Replay this game'
  4. Choose the player (ex. Wickedbad)
  5. Feed this page into (this will return a list of moves for the game)
  6. Feed this list into the freeboard.
  7. Add the game number, player names, and freeboard input code to a database.
  8. Repeat with the next game.

Some other ideas.

  • It would be nice if we could control how many games we want to look at
  • It would be nice if we could control who the opponent was
  • When I tried this the first time I couldn't access the replay page (step 5) from python on my laptop. I had to login first. Not sure how to solve this