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These are the installation instructions for release 1.0 of the Omega
Library, Omega Calculator, and Petit.
All files are available in the directory
There are a number of different things you can make.
oc: The Omega Calculator. Text interface to the Omega library and the
code generation library.
DEMO: omega_calc_sparc_demo.tar.gz
SOURCE NEEDED: omega_calc.tar.gz, omega_library.tar.gz, code_gen.tar.gz
Petit: Our extended version of Michael Wolfe's Tiny tool. A research
tool for dependence analysis and program transformations.
DEMO: petit_sparc_demo.tar.gz
SOURCE NEEDED: petit.tar.gz, omega_library.tar.gz,
code_gen.tar.gz, uniform.tar.gz
libomega.a: The Omega library, contains relation operations and presburger
arithmetic code.
SOURCE NEEDED: omega_library.tar.gz
libcode_gen.a: Library for generating code to scan the solutions of a set.
SOURCE NEEDED: code_gen.tar.gz, omega_library.tar.gz
libuniform.a: The Uniform library, a source to source parallelizing
transformation system, described in Wayne Kelly's Ph.D. dissertation.
SOURCE NEEDED: uniform.tar.gz, omega_library.tar.gz, optionally petit
You should unpack all tar files in the same directory; they will unpack as:
omega/ Root of the Omega system, contains makefiles, information files.
omega_lib/ The Omega Library.
basic/ Data structures for the library; included in
the omega_library.tar file.
omega_calc/ The Omega Calculator.
petit/ The Petit tool.
code_gen/ Code generation library
uniform/ Uniform library
Each library or executable's directory will have subdirectories of
src/, include/, and obj/.
Users with code that uses previous versions of the Omega library may
need to make some changes to their code in order to comply with the new
functions for checking subsets, satisfiability, and tautologies.
C++ compiler: You will need a C++ compiler; G++ and SunPro CC
are currently the only ones known to work, but others may work
as well.
Make: If you have GNU Make (gmake), you should use it; other
makes may work, but may have trouble either with the include
syntax, or with the pattern-match rules in the Makefiles.
Motif: If you want to build petit, then you will need to have the
Motif libraries and include files. You can build a
command-line version by specifying -DBATCH_ONLY_PETIT in
Flex and Bison: flex and bison are required if you want to modify
the grammars, but not otherwise.
1. Edit omega/Makefile.config. This has a few things to edit,
such as location of system-specific files, and options for different
operating systems.
2. Do "make depend" in the omega directory.
3. Choose a target, and make it.
Targets are: oc, petit, libomega.a, and libcode_gen.a.
You can also change to the target's obj/ subdirectory, for example
omega/omega_calc/obj/, and do a "make" there.
4. You can use the items in place (they will be left in their respective
obj/ directories), move them someplace you want, or use the install
procedure in the INSTALLATION section.
Make trouble:
You may run into trouble if your make does not support % rules or
the particular include syntax in our makefiles. The easiest
solution is to switch to GNU make (gmake). If that is not an
option, the first problem can be overcome by making symbolic links
to all ../src files from each obj/ directory. The second can be
overcome by editing each Makefile and Makefile.rules to change
the include syntax to one your make supports.
Warnings from g++272
We are aware of the large number of warnings, which result from changes
made to the C++ language by the ANSI committee. The resulting object
files are correct. We're working on this problem and hope to address
it in a future release.
Other trouble
We haven't anticipated any other problems you might have, so for any
other problems you have, write to
If you want to install the library in a public directory, you need to
set a DESTDIR in Makefile.config. The files will be installed as:
DESTDIR/ Installation root
lib/ All library files go here (libomega.a, libcode_gen.a)
omega.h Main omega include file.
omega/ Omega library includes.
basic/ Basic includes.
code_gen/ Code generation includes.
bin/ Binaries (oc, petit)
You can change the relative layout of these files by editing the other
destination variables in Makefile.config.
Documentation for the Omega calculator is in omega/omega_calc/doc;
Omega library are docs in omega/omega_lib/doc; documentation for petit
is in omega/petit/doc. There are also README files in the omega_calc/
and petit/ directories.
You can also visit our web site at:
If you have any problems, questions, or comments about installation,
please send us email at We'd like to fix any
problems you run into for future releases.