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Version of omega where the omega library code has been wrapped in
a namespace for use with OpenAnalysis.
Omega Project Source Release, version 1.1
This is verions 1.1 of the Omega Project software, including:
* The Omega library, a set of routines for manipulating linear constraints
over integer variables, Presburger formulas, and Integer tuple
relations and sets.
* The code generation library, a set of routines for generating code to
scan the points in the union of a number of convex sets.
* The Omega calculator, a text-based interface to the Omega library
* Petit, a educational/research tool for analyzing array data dependences
* The Uniform library, a source to source parallelizing transformation
system, described in Wayne Kelly's Ph.D. dissertation.
Some new or recent features:
* The Uniform library
* An exact convex hull computation
* An improved system for handling inexact relations, including taking
upper and lower bounds, checking for subsets, and checking tautologies
* Better handling of existentially quantified variables: we can now
negate and generate code for sets like:
{[i] : 1 <= i <= n && exists (alpha : i <= 10 alpha <= i+k)};
* An Example operator, that gives a sample solution to set or relation.
Users with code that uses previous versions of the Omega library may
need to make some changes to their code in order to comply with the new
functions for checking subsets, satisfiability, and tautologies.
As usual, the Omega Project is located at