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namespace Laminas\Diactoros;
* Create an uploaded file instance from an array of values.
* @param array $spec A single $_FILES entry.
* @throws Exception\InvalidArgumentException if one or more of the tmp_name,
* size, or error keys are missing from $spec.
function createUploadedFile(array $spec) : UploadedFile
if (! isset($spec['tmp_name'])
|| ! isset($spec['size'])
|| ! isset($spec['error'])
) {
throw new Exception\InvalidArgumentException(sprintf(
'$spec provided to %s MUST contain each of the keys "tmp_name",'
. ' "size", and "error"; one or more were missing',
return new UploadedFile(
(int) $spec['size'],
$spec['name'] ?? null,
$spec['type'] ?? null