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JPImagePickerController is the attempt to copy apples UIImagePickerController
for the iPhone with dataSource methods, so you can use it for remote images
and images bundeld with your app.
Author: Jeena Paradies <>
Licence: MIT-Licence
I am trying to host this on github because I hope that other users need this
functionality and will help to build upp the whole thing. You're welcome to
fork it or help out with debugging and new functionality.
How to use
Check out the Demo to get an first impression.
First you have to implement the JPImagePickerControllerDelegate and the
JPImagePickerControllerDataSource prococols. Then allocate a new
JPImagePickerController object and set the delegate and dataSource.
There is a HTML documentation on that in the demo application, open the
Documentation/index.html file in a browser.
To use the picker in your own project add the files in the directory
Classes to your Xcode project.